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An Insider's Guide to Cotton & Sustainability

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I specialise in sustainable agriculture and rural development with a strong focus on cotton. My work covers research on farm level issues (farming, water, socio-economics, business development, GHGs, economic diversification...) as well as communications on the issues via media and books and engagement with stakeholders through workshops and conferences. As part of my work, I engage with farmers, businesses and NGOs,  My primary goal is to help cotton farmers gain more secure market access and opportunity in sustainable farm systems that enhance their environmental and economic sustainability. I also help others to understand how to work with farmers to support these goals, including businesses, institutions and consumers. Farms and farmers need to be better integrated in value chains, but value chains also need to accommodate improvements in farmer livelihoods and opportunities. As well as producing and consuming fibre, farmers and markets need to address the growing challenges of food security and resource constraints, in which cotton can play a role by integrating farmers into cash econmies, generating revenues that can be invested in family and community improvements. By opting for sustainable cotton and better understanding cotton's impacts, consumers, brands and decision makers whether in NGOs, financial institutions or government can support a more sustainable future.


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